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Creating a safer work environment for employees

Tribalco is keeping workers safe with OSHA-compliant rescue and safety services and professional training courses. Our highly qualified and skilled rescue technicians and instructors leverage real-world experience, advanced certifications, and unparalleled rescue expertise to respond to emergencies and proactively manage workplace safety and health.

Onsite Standby Rescue and Safety Services

Providing onsite standby rescue services and highly skilled rescue technicians to replace or augment in-house rescue and safety teams.

Specialized Rescue Kits

Outfitting teams with industry-leading rescue and safety equipment, specialized kits, and custom assemblies.

Tribalco’s specialized rescue kits include our:

  • Industrial Rescue Kit
  • Two-Tensioned Hauling and Lowering Kit
  • Confined Space 4:1 Kit
  • Team Kit
  • Custom Kits

Rescue and Safety Training

Delivering expert instruction and challenging scenarios that maximize progressive skill development and retention.

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