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Accelerating digital transformation by delivering adaptive, innovative Information Technology Services that are agile, resilient, transparent, seamless, and secure.

The modern electronics and weapon systems supporting today’s technologists and warfighters require scalable technology and domain interoperability across land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace. Tribalco’s IT integration and modernization services transform legacy IT infrastructure into actionable secure networks and systems that improve military and civilian agency readiness.

Our work is advancing strategic and tactical networks to counter emerging threats, enabling new forms of maneuver, and protecting America’s IT services and interests worldwide, all while taking advantage of rapid innovation from the commercial IT industry.

Cloud Development and Application Modernization

Vendor-Agnostic Virtual Cloud Infrastructure

Transforming existing infrastructure to hyperconverged virtual infrastructure capable of hosting private or hybrid clouds.

Software Defined Networks

Centralizing network management, maintenance, and control with software-based solutions and architecture.

AS-A-Service Capabilities (XaaS)

Optimizing operations and technology investments with XaaS offerings that are accessed and delivered through cloud providers.

Data Center Consolidation

Eliminating redundancy and risk by running enterprise application portfolios in hybrid cloud environments that support storage, local compute and processing, and virtual desktops.

Network and Service Operations

Situational Awareness & Proactive Network Management

Automating situational and operational awareness and measuring service health, availability, and risk in a single real-time dashboard.

Incident Response

Minimizing the impact of network or service outages through rigorous incident awareness and response.

Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery/Avoidance

Minimizing network outages and data loss with pre-planned disaster avoidance practices and comprehensive business continuity and recovery plans.

Call Center Services & Support

Providing on-demand expertise, troubleshooting, and repair services and tracking them from trouble-ticket initiation through resolution.

IT Operations & Maintenance

Modernizing, operating, and maintaining complex IT and network infrastructure for maximum security, reliability, and scalability.

Multinational Mission Partner Networks

Providing network infrastructure to test technologies with mission partners and ease the transition into operational coalition network environments.


Computer Network Defense

Executing processes, protective measures, and incident-response plans to detect, monitor, protect, analyze, and defend against network infiltration.

DOD and NIST-Compliant Management Framework

Architecting and engineering data security processes for new NIST SP 800-37 Rev.2- and DODI 8510.01-compliant IT systems.

Certification & Accreditation

Using focused tools and procedures to assess system and network vulnerabilities and cyber risk and attain system accreditation and Authority to Operate.

Application Modernization / DevOps / DevSecOps

Enhanced Software Development-Containerized Applications

Transforming existing monolithic applications into isolated cloud-ready, containerized architectures that enable quick application release and deployment.

Operations & Process Automation

Improving mission network consistency by developing and implementing systems that automate repetitive network management and maintenance tasks.



Tribalco employed its technical and engineering skills to manage complex in-theater communications and network systems serving over 25,000 users in the Afghanistan AOR. Working alongside joint coalition forces in a combat zone, Tribalco kept these vital multi-technology communications systems operational despite continuous threats from hostile actors.


From radios to repeaters, microwave connectivity to 5G, and satellites to surge support, Tribalco’s multi-domain communications expertise keeps the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) radio infrastructure operational and mission ready. Tribalco ensures USACE’s wireless and terrestrial communications are reliable, secure, and ready-to-deploy anytime or anywhere USACE is called.

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