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Optimizing austere rescue, recovery, and evacuation with specialized equipment and training services

Tribalco develops and fields specialized technical rescue and tactical combat casualty care solutions for deployed personnel with the singular goal of enhancing survival. Our team leverages real-world experience, advanced program expertise, and worldwide logistical reach to support SOF missions. Through a unique combination of tactical recovery expertise, knowledge of new and emerging technologies, and a spiral development approach, Tribalco is delivering continuous innovation that is improving survivability in the most demanding locations across the globe. Contact us by phone at 301.941.3700 or use our form.

TCCC Specialized Kits

Engineering lifesaving tactical rescue and recovery solutions to address the challenges SOF personnel encounter in the field.

Advanced Training

Conducting world-class training to improve survivability in the most demanding tactical medical and technical recovery situations.

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care CASEVAC Set Program of Record Courses
  • USAF Guardian Angel Technical Recovery III Program of Record Courses
  • Customizable Courses for SOF
  • Customizable Courses for First Responders and Other Non-SOF Personnel
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