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Innovating mission-focused integrated technologies and solutions to protect, defend, and secure our soldiers, our citizens, our nation, and our future.

Tribalco is developing next-generation solutions to improve communications interoperability, modernize critical infrastructure, enhance cybersecurity, and increase soldier survivability around the globe. By understanding the technology ecosystem and anticipating trends and customer requirements, we are engineering solutions to make our nation’s citizens and soldiers safer and systems and infrastructure more secure.

Signal Fusion Platform™

Connecting disparate communications networks, digital and analog radio, and data networks through a secure internet protocol tactical gateway.

Tribalco develops custom computer software and hardware which enable multi-directional communication among disparate devices.

Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC)

Developing, integrating, and deploying multi-layered, NSA-compliant, COTS-based solutions that enable customers to securely create, share, and protect their classified data within wired or wireless networking environments.

Multi-Party Protocol

Delivering cleverly discreet and adaptable solutions for various secure infrastructure tasks with improved security, performance, and scalability.

Mesh Networks

Closing the communications gap with dynamically self-configuring and self-organizing wireless technology that enables cooperative data routing and distribution of workloads across networks.


Delivering next-generation wireless solutions that enable higher data speeds, greater network capacity, lower latency, improved reliability, and increased availability.

Tribalco Individual First Aid Kit (TIFAK)

Accelerating the speed of care delivery with instant one-handed access to tourniquets and medical supplies. Tribalco’s patented TIFAK is available in two sizes.

Golden Hour Medic

This life-saving combat-portable medical pack makes it possible to store and transport blood and other chilled medical supplies for two days in harsh conditions and up to three days in standard environments.

The Tribalco Systems Engineering Solutions Integration Center

The Tribalco Systems Engineering Solutions Integration Center

The Tribalco Systems Engineering Solutions Integration Center is the central staging area where we prototype, analyze, integrate, assemble, and showcase Tribalco solutions. We employ proven, repeatable processes and industry best practices across all stages of the innovation lifecycle and throughout the system design review, system assembly, configuration and interoperability testing, staging, and shipping.

Our work at the Tribalco Systems Engineering Solutions Integration Center provides real-time design, integration, testing, implementation, and management of mission-specific equipment, networks, and systems for deployment around the world.



Tribalco’s lightweight, rapidly deployable Signal Fusion Platform™ (SFP™) is playing a key communications role in Arctic war exercises that are the enhancing operational readiness, interoperability, and security cooperation between U.S. and Norwegian forces. Tribalco designed the SFP’s Commercial Solutions for Classified modules to give U.S. and mission partners an efficient and secure way to disseminate critical information across SIPR/NIPR and Coalition or Controlled Unclassified Information networks.

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