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Engineering lifesaving tactical medical, rescue, and recovery products and solutions to address the challenges deployed personnel encounter in the field.

Tribalco is USSOCOM’s exclusive supplier for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC) sets. Working with DoD and SOF members from prototype to delivery, Tribalco designed, developed, and integrated an innovative, modular CASEVAC solution for USSOCOM. This solution, known as the Tribalco Integrated Casualty Solution™ (TICS™), is made of up four modular units designed to enhance survival on the battlefield. Contact us by phone at 301.941.3700 or use our form.

TICS™ Extraction Kit

Everything you need for rescues in high-angle conditions

The ability to self-rescue from compromised vehicles and structural collapses is a critical component of survival in combat zones. The TICS™ Rescue System (TRS) Extraction Kit ensures personnel have the tools necessary to extricate in high-angle conditions, self-recover casualties, and configure rescue vehicles for quick reaction-force missions.

Extraction Kit

Top: E-1 and E-2 Extraction Modules
Bottom: E-3 LE and E-3 LL Extraction Modules

TICS™ Mobility Kit

Deploying life-sustaining technologies in the field

The TICS™ Field Care (TFC) Mobility Kit contains items advanced medics need to provide tactical field care. Tribalco enhanced the TFC Mobility Kit through the addition of available care items and supplies, while minimizing encumbrances. The TFC Immediate Response Solution provides SOF advanced tactical practitioners with a specialized mounted option that enables them to custom pack the kit’s contents to maximize their performance in grab-and-go situations.

Mobility Kit

Top: M-1/2 Mobility Module
Bottom: Module Open

TICS™ Transportation Kit

Delivering tactical field care when every second counts

The TICS™ Transportation (TT) Kit offers an innovative approach to delivering advanced care as quickly and as far forward as possible. The system was designed to reduce set-up time when transitioning from tactical field care to tactical evacuation care. All of the kit’s critical components are packaged together so patient treatment may begin within minutes. To house the TT Kit’s components, Tribalco engineered a system of small lightweight interlocking carbon-fiber cases. These cases are designed to fit in available space in aircraft, watercraft, and ground vehicles. The TT Kit also includes a soft-case packaging alternative.

Transportation Kit

Top: T-1/2 and T-3/4 Transportation Modules
Bottom: T-6 Module Open

TICS™ Sustainment Kit

Multi-day sustainment for multiple patients

As mission timelines increase and access to higher levels of care decrease, the need for care providers to operate self-sufficiently grows exponentially. In response to this demand, Tribalco’s TICS™ Casualty Sustainment (TCS) Kit contains the equipment that medics need to treat patients over extended timeframes. The TCS Kit includes supplies to sustain multiple patients for three to five days in the field.

Sustainment Kit

Top: S-1 Sustainment Module
Bottom: S-2 Sustainment Module

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