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Tribalco’s products, deployed in hundreds of missions, are focused on the singular goal of saving lives.

Tribalco is raising the bar on rescue and recovery products. A deep understanding of our clients’ missions and our strong relationships with industry partners enable Tribalco to develop highly relevant tactical combat casualty care and technical rescue solutions for our customers. Our innovative designs and constant spiral development allow us to stay current with technology that enhances survival.  To learn more about how to procure Tribalco’s warfighter survival solutions, please email us at

Tribalco Individual First Aid Kit

Gives medics instant one-handed access to tourniquets and medical supplies

Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) are force preservation tools, meaning that the supplies and training behind the IFAKs have saved lives over and over again.

Tribalco advanced the utility of legacy IFAKs by working with active Special Forces medics and creating a revolutionary new life-saving product, the Tribalco Individual First Aid Kit (TIFAK).

The patented TIFAK system does a better job of holding supplies and allows the user to rapidly access tools, such as tourniquets, in high-stress situations. The modular design of the TIFAK and the TIFAK Mini allows them to be kitted in multiple combined configurations.

Tribalco’s patented TIFAK is available in two sizes.

Tribalco Individual First Aid Kit (TIFAK)

Golden Hour Medic

Deploying life-sustaining technologies in the field

The Golden Hour Medic is a combat-portable medic pack that holds blood and other chilled medical supplies for two days in harsh conditions and up to three days in standard environments.

Based on the technology used in the award-winning Golden Hour Mobile container, Golden Hour Medic is designed to be carried on a person, allowing combat medics and other military medical personnel to transport blood products to locations that vehicles may not be able to reach.

Golden Hour Medic

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