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Designing and developing field-tested medical care, rescue, and recovery solutions

Tribalco’s products, deployed in hundreds of missions, are focused on the singular goal of saving lives. A deep understanding of our clients’ missions and our strong relationships with industry partners enable us to develop highly relevant tactical combat casualty care and technical rescue solutions for our customers. Our innovative designs and constant spiral development allow us to stay current with technology that enhances survival. To learn more about how to procure Tribalco’s Survival and Safety Systems solutions, please email us at

Golden Hour Medic

Deploying life-sustaining technologies in the field

The Golden Hour Medic is a combat-portable medic pack that holds blood and other chilled medical supplies for two days in harsh conditions and up to three days in standard environments.

Based on the technology used in the award-winning Golden Hour Mobile container, Golden Hour Medic is designed to be carried on a person, allowing combat medics and other military medical personnel to transport blood products to locations that vehicles may not be able to reach.

Golden Hour Medic


Descender with an integrated progress-capture pulley for loads up to 280 kg

Designed for technical rescue operations, the highly versatile MAESTRO® L descender allows rescuers to adapt to any rescue situation. The locking system has an integrated progress-capture pulley that allows the same device to be used for descent and hauling. It can be used in both the primary system or in a back-up belay. The ergonomic handle and integrated brake provide a comfortable controlled descent. Immediately shifts  from a lowering to hauling position without the need to transfer the load. The AUTO-LOCK automatically locks the rope when the handle is not in use. Once locked, the rope can be taken up without manipulating the handle. Compatible with 2.5 to 13 mm diameter ropes.

Maestro® L Descender 

ASAP® Lock

Mobile fall arrester with locking function facilitates handling during rope ascents

During normal use, the ASAP LOCK moves freely along the rope without any manual intervention and follows the users’ movements. If a shock load or sudden acceleration occurs, the fall arrester locks on the rope and stops the user. The integrated locking function allows the user to immobilize the device to reduce the potential fall distance. The connection arm makes the system drop-resistant when passing intermediate anchors. The ASAP LOCK is used with an ASAP’SORBER or ASAP’SORBER AXESS energy absorber to work at a distance from the rope.

ASAP® Lock Mobile Fall Arrester

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