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Tribalco Awarded Audio Visual/Video Tele-Conference Agency Catalog for Joint Service Provider

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BETHESDA, Md—December 13, 2022—Tribalco, LLC, a global provider of mission-critical information technology, telecommunications, and survival and safety services and solutions, announced it has been awarded a Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Joint Service Provider (JSP) Audio Visual/Video Tele-Conference (AV/VTC) Hardware and Installation Agency Catalog under the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) Solutions for Enterprise-Wide (SEWP) contract vehicle.

DISA JSP operates and defends the DoD’s key cyber terrain and provides IT services to Pentagon and National Capital Region customers. As an awardee for JSP’s AV/VTC Agency Catalog, Tribalco will support JSP’s vision to “enable every mission” by providing a large selection of AV/VTC products and product-based installation services. Throughout the life of the contract, Tribalco will continuously update the catalog based on customer requests.

“Tribalco is pleased to have been chosen to support DISA JSP’s IT and teleconferencing needs and add the DISA JSP AV/VTC Hardware and Installation Agency Catalog to our portfolio of Agency Catalogs,” said Tribalco’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of Sales and Operations Joseph Castro. “We look forward to helping DISA and its mission partners acquire AV/VTC products and installation services with unmatched flexibility and speed.”

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