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Tribalco Awarded NIWC Atlantic Task Order to Provide CCTV Technologies for Military Child and Youth Programs

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Tribalco, LLC, a global provider of information technology services, critical communications solutions, and warfighter survival systems, has been awarded a task order by the Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Atlantic to design, procure, install, test, and maintain video surveillance systems at childcare facilities in Navy and Air Force buildings and facilities in the U.S. and overseas. These systems will record childcare areas within the Navy Child Youth Program (CYP) facilities for the purposes of deterrence, detection, training, and surveillance.

 Military Child and Youth Programs provide high-quality and affordable childcare and recreational options for military and DoD families worldwide. Under the Commander, Naval Installation Command (CNIC) N9 CYP Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Phase 2 & 3 base/building installations task order, Tribalco will use its extensive engineering, electronics, and security expertise to provide technical, production management, production engineering, and equipment and material procurement support services for base and building locations identified and prioritized by CNIC N9.

“Tribalco has deployed advanced technology including electronic security systems on military bases around the world,” said Tribalco’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of Sales and Operations Joseph Castro. “It is an honor to be trusted by the military to provide CCTV technologies to ensure the wellbeing of the families of those who serve.”

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