Information Technology

Information Technology

Information Technology

Tribalco provides our customers with world-class information technology solutions that are secure, reliable, scalable, flexible, and cost-effective. We deploy highly-trained and experienced resources with the proven ability to deliver superior results. Tribalco has exceptional performance history of engineering, procuring, integrating, and maintaining enterprise solutions of varying size and complexity. We deliver unsurpassed technical expertise in support of C4ISR solutions. Our technology portfolio features Desktop and Server Virtualization, Data Center Consolidation, Continuity of Operations and Disaster Recovery, and Cloud Computing capabilities.

Desktop and Server Virtualization

Tribalco’s desktop and server virtualization capabilities streamline management and maintenance, improve network security, and deliver various efficiencies, resulting in lower total cost of ownership.  Our engineering team has the real-world experience and industry-leading expertise to develop and deploy dynamic and flexible solutions for our customers of any size.

Data Center Consolidation

Tribalco’s rich history of building and managing the world’s most advanced data centers underscores our distinct competitive advantage in the realm of Data Center Consolidation. Tribalco’s experience with state-of-the-art technologies, computer systems, primary and back-up power supplies, HVAC and information storage positions us to handle consolidation strategies for the most complex applications and systems. Customer benefits include elimination of redundant assets, efficient asset utilization, streamlined processes and improved service levels across the enterprise, all of which translate into lower cost of ownership.

Continuity of Operations and Disaster Recovery

Tribalco’s industry-leading continuity of operations and disaster recovery services help organizations prepare for and respond to unplanned interruptions from acts of war, natural disasters, cyber-crime, and other IT security threats with the latest backup and recovery infrastructure solutions to address critical IT security and stability needs. Our expert team works hand-in-hand with organizations to assess and rank risks and threats; and then to design and implement cost-effective Continuity of Operations and Disaster Recovery plans that meet specific requirements and performance standards for protecting data integrity and minimizing downtime.

Cloud Computing

Tribalco delivers the engineering strength, implementation expertise, and service management experience to assist organizations in the planning, implementation, and operation of private, public, or hybrid-cloud computing environments. Our state-of-the-art cloud technology solutions are secure, reliable, flexible, and scalable, delivering mission-critical data around the globe while providing organizations with infrastructure cost savings and operational efficiencies.