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Tribalco Awarded Guardian Angel Technical Recovery III Program IDIQ Contract

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Tribalco, LLC, a global provider of information technology services, critical communications solutions, and warfighter survival systems, is pleased to announce that Tribalco is the single awardee of a five-year IDIQ contract for the U.S. Air Force Guardian Angel Technical Recovery III (GA TR) program. Under this contract, Tribalco will provide technical recovery kits, training, system engineering, and program management to support Guardian Angel (GA) rescue missions. 

GA TR is an Air Force personnel recovery program that covers a full range of military operations during all phases of joint, coalition, and combined operations. Guardian Angel teams include Combat Rescue Officers; Pararescuemen; Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape specialists; and uniquely trained support staff dedicated to personnel recovery. In addition to battlefield rescue, GA Airmen lead civilian rescue efforts during natural disasters and other humanitarian responses. Since 2001, GA has conducted over 12,000 life-saving combat rescue missions. 

As a provider of DoD’s CASEVAC solution for U.S. Special Operations Command Tactical Combat Casualty Care Program of Record, Tribalco has been designing, integrating, and maintaining systems supporting the forward-deployed special operator since 2011. Tribalco will leverage this expertise and utilize its extensive existing vendor relationships to create specialized equipment kits for GA TR. The company will also provide specialized training for GA members. 

“Tribalco is honored to have been chosen to train and equip the elite forces that support the Guardian Angel Technical Recovery III program,” said Tribalco’s President Andrew Stern. “The Guardian Angel program undertakes some of the most extreme and perilous rescue missions in the world, and we are confident that Tribalco’s specialized training and equipment will serve it well throughout its complex missions.”

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