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Tribalco Achieves CMMI for Services Maturity Level 3 Appraisal

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Tribalco, LLC, a global provider of information technology services, critical communications solutions, and warfighter survival systems, has been appraised at Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) for Services Maturity Level 3 (ML3).

CMMI is a framework of best practices for managing, measuring, and monitoring business processes across an organization. By providing guidance that enables companies to develop or improve their processes, CMMI helps organizations meet their business goals and, ultimately, improve their performance. An ML3 rating shows that Tribalco’s processes are well characterized and understood and are described in standards, procedures, tools, and methods.

The appraisal, performed by an independent auditor, involved an extensive evaluation of Tribalco’s processes. This CMMI for Services ML3 appraisal includes all of Tribalco’s divisions across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It also covers Tribalco’s Warfighter Survival Division which is dedicated to engineering medical, rescue, and recovery solutions to help warfighters, first responders, and law enforcement personnel increase the survival rate of injured individuals.

Achieving this rating indicates that Tribalco takes a proactive approach to managing projects and executes the company’s processes consistently across all of its projects. It also shows that Tribalco is dedicated to continuous improvement to ensure our customers’ mission success.

In addition to being CMMI for Services ML3 appraised, Tribalco is ISO 9001:20015 certified. As a part of its formal quality program, Tribalco applies rigorous enterprise-wide quality standards using a unique Quality Management System (QMS). The foundation of Tribalco’s QMS is its proprietary Quality Execution Success Toolkit™ (QUEST™), a well-defined project management lifecycle methodology that yields repeatable and successful outcomes for customers. Tribalco credits the disciplined approach to process improvement and quality management inherent in QUEST™ for its ability to earn a CMMI ML3 rating. 

“Quality execution will always be a core value for Tribalco,” said Tribalco’s Chief Operating Officer Michele Friedman. “Achieving CMMI for Services Maturity Level 3 demonstrates to our partners, customers, and employees that Tribalco is committed to providing the highest quality services and solutions to our customers around the globe.” 

“Government agencies continue to seek out CMMI-appraised businesses,” said Friedman. “Tribalco’s ability to gain a CMMI for Services Maturity Level 3 rating, coupled with our ISO 9001:15 certification, signals to our customers that we approach their projects with an understanding and anticipation of their risks and use a repeatable, process-driven approach to mitigate them.”

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