Contract Vehicles

Tribalco holds a number of critical contract vehicles to facilitate efficient and cost-effective procurement. Our Government Services Administration (GSA) schedules; indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contracts; and blanket purchase agreements (BPAs) provide government customers with multiple options to meet their unique requirements. Tribalco has a rich history of contract management and performance success on hundreds of government and commercial contracts. Our customers include all branches of the armed services, multiple federal civilian agencies, and a variety of state, local, and international governments.
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United States Army United States Air Force United States Department of Defense United States Navy United States
Special Operations Command
U.S. Department of Commerce United States Department of Health & Human Services United States General Services Administration National Aeronautics and Space Administration  
Contract Name Contract Description
(Small Business)NNG15SC51B
(Full & Open)
SEWP V is a multi-award IDIQ focused on IT products and product-based services. SEWP V provides state-of-the-art information and computing technologies, high-end scientific and engineering processing capabilities, and network equipment and peripherals for ordering by NASA centers and all federal agencies. Stand-alone product-based services, such as installation, training, maintenance, and warranty, are also available through SEWP V.
GSA Alliant GWAC GS00Q09BGD0046
(Large Business)
Alliant provides access to a full range of comprehensive IT services and IT services-based solutions. It offers flexibility as new technologies emerge and the definition of information technology evolves.
U.S. Army Communications and Transmission Systems (CTS) IDIQ W52P1J-13-D-0111 Covers a full suite of communications, including satellite, microwave, fiber optics, Over-The Horizon, radio, and wireless, and all ancillary support services.
GSA Schedule 70 GS-35F-0139V IT Schedule 70 is the largest, most widely used acquisition vehicle in the federal government. Schedule 70 is an IDIQ multiple-award schedule providing direct access to general purpose commercial IT products and services.
GSA Schedule 84 GS07F047CA This schedule provides equipment and services for personal, vehicular, or facility applications for all law enforcement protection, prevention, apprehension, or investigation needs. It covers total solutions for security, facilities management, fire, rescue, clothing, marine craft, and emergency/disaster responses.
GSA U.S. Army Special Forces Survival Support and Equipment Systems IDIQ GS01T12BKD0007 The SSES IDIQ provides systems for the United States Special Operations Command including backpacks, extremity protection, clothing, load carriage, body armor vests, land and maritime communications, eye protection, visual augmentation system mounts, ballistic plates, soft armor, helmets, and tactical combat casualty care items.
National Institute of Standards and Technology Boulder Campus Audio-Visual, Video Teleconferencing, and Related Services and Equipment IDIQ SB1341-13-CQ-0006 The scope of this IDIQ includes solutions relating to requirements for AV, VTC, and associated video and audio services and equipment for NIST. Orders for these services include VTC equipment and services, audiovisual communications solutions, AV support, video and audio production, AV equipment purchases, and on- and off-site technical services and training.
DHHS Office of the Inspector General  and the Office of Investigations Emergency Equipment and Communications Program BPA HHSP233201500033B The scope of this BPA includes services to install and/or remove emergency and communications equipment from Agency vehicles. HHS OIG’s vehicle emergency equipment and communications program is critical in ensuring that OIG’s law enforcement operations continue to function safely and efficiently.
U.S. Army Worldwide Communications and Infrastructure Support BOA W52P1J-14-G-0010 The WICCS BOA addresses OCONUS requirements associated with provisioning capabilities and adaptive processes that support net-centricity, secure access to knowledge, and improved information systems and services throughout the Army environment. The agreement supports the I3C2, I3MP, and P2E missions, among other efforts.
PACAF AFNet Enterprise Network IDIQ HC1019-12-D-2000 This IDIQ for the Pacific Air Forces provides equipment procurement and services to support a base-by-base migration and the consolidation of enterprise networks and devices/services that reside on those Air Force networks.
Shaw Air Force Base Land Mobile Radio Procurement BPA FA4803-11-A-0014 Furnishes LMR supplies and equipment for Shaw Air Force Base.
DITCO-PAC IT/Telcom BPA HC1019-15-A-2009 This BPA provides commercial IT/telecom services and equipment procurement for DITCO-PAC.
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences Audio Visual and Simulation Services MATOC IDIQ HU0001-15-D-E096 This MATOC provides audio visual and simulation services and solutions to support the USUHS mission. This GWAC allows all federal agencies to acquire audio visual and simulation support to meet their unique education, research, service, and consultation requirements worldwide.
U.S. Special Operations Command Tactical Combat Casualty Care  Casualty Evacuation Set IDIQ H92222-10-D-0023Q This IDIQ provides SOCOM unique CASEVAC sets that combine patient access capabilities, mobility, and critical care components unique to supporting Special Operations Forces in far forward and austere environments–areas where definitive medical support is not available.

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