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Information Technology

Keeping customers connected and their data secure

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Engineering advanced telecommunications solutions that deliver real-time secure communications and data connectivity

Tribalco is a trusted provider of secure telecom solutions to protect our nation's highest priority data transmissions. At sites ranging from nuclear national laboratories to military command centers, Tribalco’s telecommunications solutions enable collaboration, enhanced productivity, and agility across a borderless workplace. We engineer and integrate state-of-the-art telephony and IT applications, while optimizing and securing critical communications infrastructure. Our telecommunications solutions portfolio includes Land Mobile Radio, Commercial Solutions for Classified, Telepresence, Voice over IP, Spectrum Management, Satellite Communications, and Physical Infrastructure capabilities.



Making the connections that matter

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Tribalco is at the forefront of wireless telecommunications technology and interoperable communications. We work with customers to design, build, optimize, upgrade, manage, and maintain state-of-the-art secure wireless networks. Our advanced knowledge of radio frequency allocation and optimization allows us to provide spectrum solutions to organizationally disparate and geographically diverse stakeholders.

Soldier Survival

Soldier Survival

Serving soldiers. Saving lives.

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Land Mobile Radio

Managing the LMR lifecycle from discovery to decommissioning

Tribalco has advanced experience in all aspects of LMR. Our turnkey LMR services team supports the operations of some of the world’s most advanced tactical forces, law enforcement agencies, and investigators. With access to the most current LMR technology on the planet, Tribalco excels in the discovery, design, installation, and lifecycle management of a vast array of LMR equipment and systems. Our expertise spans all levels of LMR—from the most basic handheld radio systems to highly complex trunking systems comprised of multiple radio sites that support thousands of users.


Deploying world-class satellite solutions

Tribalco has the demonstrated ability to provide world-class, mission-focused satellite solutions around the globe. We specialize in designing, engineering, deploying, and managing dynamic and secure satellite networks, and have a track record of on-time and on-budget delivery. Tribalco’s capabilities extend from provisioning satellite bandwidth to managing network services, including monthly monitoring, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair service, and reporting.


Expanding microwave coverage, capacity, and service reliability

With unmatched expertise in radio frequency spectrum and microwave technologies, Tribalco provides a wide range of innovative, best-in-class solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of our customers. Tribalco provides fully integrated end-to-end transport solutions, including radio network and microwave backhaul technology. We offer sophisticated point-to-multipoint solutions as well as non-line-of-sight solutions that expand coverage and improve service reliability in areas with obstructed signals. Our expertise in radio access technologies, antennas, and IP transport solutions ensures seamless network implementation and component integration.

Spectrum Management

Optimizing spectrum efficiency across organizations and geographies

Tribalco has extensive experience supporting U.S. government customers’ RF requirements. We have access to a robust array

of spectrum management resources including DoD Spectrum XXI expertise, National Telecommunications and Information Administration competency, and experience managing and implementing scores of P25 narrow-band migrations. Our deep knowledge of RF allocation and optimization along with experience in multi-year frequency reviews and reporting allows us to provide spectrum solutions involving multiple stakeholders across vast geographies.


802.11 Architecture Solutions

Enabling secure, reliable wireless connectivity

Tribalco's 802.11 solutions enhance Wi-Fi performance in dense and congested environments, providing reliable connectivity

and a superior user experience for high-demand applications and video conferencing across networks with heavy user-loaded access points. Our end-to-end services encompass site surveys, system design, integration, and configuration.



At Tribalco, we understand that critical communications need to happen in real time. We offer a complete line of leading-edge telepresence, VoIP, audio/visual and video conferencing solutions that integrate seamlessly into our customers network environments and facilitate communications and collaboration. We use our advanced knowledge of unified communications systems and technologies to ensure that our customers have the rich, high-fidelity functionality they need to make split second decisions, even in the most austere environments.


Connecting enterprises through real time end-to-end video conferencing

Tribalco’s state-of-the-art high-definition telepresence solutions connect critical decision makers and stakeholders via real time end-to-end video conferencing. Our solutions keep users throughout the enterprise connected via video conference rooms and video-enabled desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Our expert teams work closely with customers to provide the most advanced solutions for engaging users in virtual meeting experiences across geographic boundaries. Tribalco's telepresence solutions offer numerous benefits including enhanced staff productivity, real-time collaboration, seamless information and document sharing, and significant travel and time savings.


Voice over IP

Delivering dynamic VoIP solutions in static and fly-away environments

Tribalco provides mission-critical high-quality voice communications infrastructure support to defense and civilian government agencies. Our solutions are secure, reliable, scalable, and cost efficient. Tribalco works with customers to analyze existing networks and to design and deliver dynamic VoIP solutions in static and fly-away environments. Whether we are working with existing equipment or installing new hardware, Tribalco’s VoIP solutions streamline voice and internet communications to provide customers with optimum efficiency of operations, while reducing overall telecommunications costs.



Engineering advanced collaborative environments across the globe

From design, engineering, implementation, and configuration to security audits, assessments, and procurement, Tribalco

offers full lifecyle secure audio visual and video teleconferencing solutions around the world. As a global systems integrator, we provide advanced audio, video, and web conferencing solutions in both military and civilian environments. We specialize in designing and modernizing AV systems architecture that enables advanced communications and video teleconferencing at any security level.


We engineer and build secure networks and power grids across the planet. Tribalco' s solutions cover all infrastructure components from cabling and connectivity to power distribution and physical/electronic security systems. Our teams of experienced project managers and installation technicians have completed projects ranging in complexity from war zone I3MP installations to OCONUS CITS turnkey projects. We employ industry trained and certified design and installation professionals such as BICSI RCDDs and OSP certified technicians. Our solutions span the entire project spectrum from assessment, design, and installation to management, maintenance, and decommissioning.

Inside and Outside Cable Plant

Optimizing critical communications infrastructure inside and out

Tribalco supplies network infrastructure analysis, design, installation, and support services for inside and outside plant applications. Much of our expertise is supporting the military's inside/outside plant needs throughout remote and austere theaters of operations.


Power Distribution

Providing efficient, reliable power

Tribalco's power distribution solutions include the design, installation, maintenance, and testing of electrical power distribution systems. Whether you are looking for a load survey, asset evaluation, power transformer or circuit installation or relocation, Tribalco's engineers have the expertise to provide optimal power solutions in military, commercial, and industrial settings.



With a strong focus on defense and security technologies, Tribalco helps customers integrate advanced security solutions into their operations. Our solutions are helping protect some of our nation's most valuable systems and assets from attack, damage, and unauthorized access.

Commercial Solutions for Classified

Keeping the next generation warfighter connected, integrated, and secure

As a Trusted Integrator under National Security Agency’s CSfC program, Tribalco develops, integrates, and deploys multi-layered NSA-compliant COTS-based solutions that enable customers to securely create, share, and protect their classified data. With over a decade of systems integration experience working with the government’s highest priority data and systems, Tribalco has the proven expertise to develop secure integrated solutions that take advantage of the feature-rich technology and connectivity capabilities available in commercial products.

Risk Management Framework

Helping agencies manage enterprise-level risk across the security life cycle

The federal government's Risk Management Framework (RMF) is a set guidelines designed to help agencies manage the risks associated with operating federal information systems. Following the disciplined and structured process defined in the RMF, Tribalco helps agencies integrate their information security and risk management activities into the system development life cycle. These services include security categorization, security control selection and implementation, security control assessment, information system authorization, and security control monitoring.

Certification and Accreditation

Performing comprehensive assessments of IT systems

Tribalco experts perform assessments of the technical and non-technical security features of IT systems to ensure they meet the proper security requirements for their environments. We offer end-to-end solutions through the definition, verification, validation, and post accreditation phases of the certification and accreditation process.

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Keeping customers connected and their data secure

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Making the connections that matter

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Serving soldiers. Saving Lives.

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